“Personal accounts of the lived experience prove most illuminating in telling what everyday racism is about: injustices recurring so often that they are almost taken for granted, nagging, annoying, debilitating, seemingly small, injustices one comes to expect.”

Philomena Essed (2002) Everyday Racism. In: A Companion to Ethnic and Racial Studies.

everydayRacism is an organisation of concerned individuals who experience everyday racism. Our goals are to empower people who experience everyday racism and to create awareness on the workings and effects of everyday racism on people’s lives.

everydayRacism wants to break the cycle.

We will do this through:

  • creating a webspace to share experiences of everyday racism, presenting stories and statistics based on these stories
  • organizing events to share knowledge and experiences with everyday racism developing educational material in the form of documentaries, brochures and workshops to share knowledge on and strategies against everyday racism
  • approaching local authorities with examples and statistics based on the collected experiences
  • and more…
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